About Vicki Barrett

Introducing Vicki Barrett, Property Manager with a professional and diverse background spanning across customer service, retail, entrepreneurship, and community support.  With a wealth of experience, Vicki has not only owned and operated a local small business in Lakes Entrance she has also made significant contributions as a community support worker and within an early learning centre working hands.

Vicki is characterised by her unwavering dedication to her work and a highly professional approach. Her extensive experience in customer service and entrepreneurship has equipped her with a unique skill set that she brings to our team.

Recognised for her adept problem-solving abilities, Vicki excels in navigating challenges and finding effective solutions. Her excellent communication skills foster positive relationships with clients, creating an environment of trust and satisfaction. Vicki is known for her punctuality and reliability, understanding the crucial importance of timely and exceptional service delivery.

Beyond her professional achievements, Vicki is a homeowner who has raised her family locally.  Her personal experiences add a relatable touch to her interactions, enhancing her ability to connect with clients and comprehend their needs.

Vicki has an exceptional work ethic, undertaking tasks with thorough investigation and achieving positive outcomes. As a diligent and dedicated member of our team, Vicki Barrett brings a wealth of skills, experience, and a commitment to excellence that significantly contributes to the success of our organisation.

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